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Boerboel/Ysterberg Pups Born 22nd of January 2018

Gardiaan Bailey & Gardiaan Pixi , Whelped 31.05.2019


Ysterberg Mastiffs


Gardiaann Bailey - Gardiaan Clover /Dreamtime Bired

& Gardiaan Pixi -Blue Smoke Bonie /Ataraxia Ronin

Heavy Ystegerg/Piona breeding.on both sides.

Both dogs are

Heath Tested,


Entropian free

Resulting Pups will be large, loving Family Guardians.

Bailey & Pixi both have excellent Temperaments. Good with children , affectionate and well behaved on outings .

Also good Guarding Instinct .

Pups Come reg YMBC micro chipped, vaccinated, vet checked and wormed.

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See Pics Below

What is a Ysterberg Mastiff ?

Here is just some background so that you can have a better idea of what a Ysterberg Mastiff is.

  • They Ysterberg farm dogs / boer dogs have a written history dating back to the early 1940s. When the first Boerboel organisation was founded (SABT) in 1983, the Ysterberg dogs were included as they were within the parameters of what the founders were looking for in the Boerboel. In 2010 YMBC decided that their vision for the dog and that of the Boerboel organisations are very different and in order to protect the Ysterberg bloodline, the quality of the dogs, the health and temperament YMBC are taking back the whole Ysterberg bloodline away from the Boerboels, and that is how the Ysterberg Mastiff Breed Council started. Having this precious history and bloodline, it has to be to protected.

Therefore, after an investigation and vetting process, and YMBC do accept certain Boerboels into our foundation stock register and help those breeders to improve on them and work towards the look, health and temperament of the original Ysterberg dogs. You will notice that they are indeed a frame size or two bigger than the Boerboel

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